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We are proud to offer you the new Booma Rein.  Designed by my friend because of a young lady that had a horrible accident with her horse because her rein was lost.

Personally, I have a friend that was riding a race horse, they fell, the rein went over the horses head when she went over his head, he took off but got a foot caught in the rein - the result was tragic, the rein actually severed the leg at the pastern.  My friend had bumps and bruises and was ok, but the horse had to be put down.

This rein is the answer - if you trail ride, goat tie, have a young one learning how to ride - just think of the possibilities of this rein and how safe you will feel using it.

Booma has developed a safety rein that offers maximum motion and complete control of your rein by utilizing a flexible keeper design. The Booma Rein is connected between the rein and the pommel/swell of the saddle. The Booma rein allows for horse to eat, drink, trip, and or fall without worries of losing rein control. 

Booma Rein allows for horse to lower head without constricting full motion of the horse while still allowing rein to stay within safe reach of rider. This also prevents rein from falling to the ground eliminating the possibilty of the horse getting entangled.

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